Almonds. Naturally containing fibre, key vitamins and minerals. They are an amazing natural food for the body. Obviously, eating them raw is the way to go, but I recently had a mind splurge the other day and this seemed to work lovely.

– Almonds with no name –


-A handful of almonds (however many the heart desires) / Honey/ Fresh rosemary/ Good quality salt ( I use Lotus celtic sea salt)/ Chili flakes/ Ground cinnamon.


Preheat your oven to 160 c.

Throw some baking paper on whatever the almonds will be on.

Spread the almonds out, drizzle a teaspoonful of honey over the top, roughly throw some salt and the rosemary through. Shake some cinnamon over the top and sprinkle just a few of the chili flakes.

Bake for 20 minutes, or if you dig crispy, go another 5.

Enjoy straight from the pan.


Chocolate. Sometimes healthy, sometimes not so healthy. Its winter here in AUS so hot chocolates are a comfort for the most of us. I figured a Max Brenner fix daily wouldn’t be good for the hips (or anything really!) so I came up with this one night in my little saucepan.

Containing raw Cacao powder, a well known super food, this drink will surely keep you warm and comfy during those chilly nights.

-Essential Hot Cacao-


– Cacao powder/ Water/ Milk (I use rice milk)/ Honey (or agave/coconut sugar works well)/ Coconut oil/ Cinnamon/ Desiccated coconut/ Chia seeds/ A square or 2 of 70% Lindt dark chocolate (optional).


Get your stove on a low heat.

I normally go by my drinking cup size, so I place 50% of water & 50% of my milk in the pan.

Add a good size teaspoon of the Cacao powder, desiccated coconut and your sweetener of choice. Throw in a half teaspoon of the coconut oil, a big sprinkle of the cinnamon and a shake or 2 of chia.

Let this heat to your chosen temperature. If needed (or wanted! either way) add your lindt squares towards the end and let melt.

Pour into your mug and lose yourself.


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